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“our engineering, equipment and performance have proven FM-200 & CO2 is the preferred choice as an extinguish ant for a multitude of critical facilities".

Magnasecurity Corp
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Magnasecurity, in the search of top quality equipments, count with Access Control Systems with the last technologies, allowing to costumers of any budget have an option available suitable for him. Our systems are modular architecture, which means you won´t be slave of an small system once you need to grow up; our systems are easily expandable, from 2 to 1.024 doors in a single loop.

Access Control System, is not as simple as open or close doors, unless you will have an absolute control of your facilities, being regular functions of your systems such as, define areas for access where not everybody are authorized, set time schedules for access, controlling time for holiday days, setting up options as convinience as first card unlock, where you need the first person got to the office unlock the system, and many other features.

Plus, you have an enormous reports selection, by activity, by hardware, by person, by areas, etc. Which give to the administrators a tremendous capacity to track any employee, or check his attendance.

Our systems are also integrators, which means, you also can link other modules to our system, and be manage by the software, in this way you have control over many other equipments around your network, as air conditioners, lights, alarm sensors, elevators, CCTV, badging, etc. Also manage the access information with other software options for time & attendance, being able to report your employee assitance, if they are assisting at the right time, prepare reports, award programs, etc.

Most of the people who are interest to incorporate an Access Control System to their offices, don´t know exactly how does it work; we have panels, which are local process units, to this panels are connected the readers, so everytime someone present his card to a reader is this panel the responsible to grant acces to this person, the event is stored in the panel buffer, they have room to storage up to 15.000 events. The System needs a PC to refresh the panel, poll or download the information contained in it to a database file in the PC, this commmunication could be trough telephone modem, TCP/IP, optic fiber, etc. While the system is “on line” you have many other options over the hardware conected to the system, as open remote doors, able, unable readers, alarms, etc.

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