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Wireless Burglar Systems: because installations are so easy, with our support as a GE’s dealer, and a 3 year warranty, you will feel really safe!


Today, there are many different technologies availables for systems, and will depend directly of your budget, necessities and security demands.Basically these are some of the types of readers used by our systems:

  • Wiegand 26 Bit.
  • Wiegand 37 Bit.
  • Proximity.
  • Infrared Bard Code.
  • Magnetic Stripe.
  • Keypad.
  • Biometric.
Once you are running an access control system in your facilities, you can use different readers depending of your selection, being not obligated to keep the same technologie to the entire system. Most of the readers usually works with cards, being not necesarily the only device available, you also could have heychains, tags, and circuits that embedd the proximity technologies to other devices.

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