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“Magnasecurity provide from small applications to integrated access control systems for global enterprises, small business, and everything in between.

Magnasecurity Corp
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In the market, you will find thousands of burglar systems, most of them hardwired. We are dedicated mainly to distribute and promote wireless burglar systems of one of the best brands, due to its reliability. Sometimes when you
install any new system, and you believed you were unsafe, sometimes this feeling could not be terminated, due to false alarms product of cheap and not reliable elements, finally

you don´t know what is a real alarm or what is a malfunctioning.

Our systems have been tested for different laboratories and have been honored by certifications, such as:

UL Listings: 985, 1023, 1635

  • ULC Listings: ORD-C 1023-1974, ULC-S545-M89
  • CSRM: California State Fire Marshall

We carry different options to be suited to your necesities, from small panels which include its keyboard, up to systems with remote central, hidded in a secure area in your house, office or business, so any intruder won´t find it easily, avoiding any posibility to disconnect it.

Forget about having wires in your dinning room, running trough the corners of your ceiling, with wireless burglar systems you don´t notice a system is taking care of your home, office or comercial security.

Call to your central, and ask the status, monitor and listen the area around your panel from an outside phone, program different user profiles, so they will arm different elements, use lights schedules when you are traveling, so lights will be turning on and turning off, this and many more options are available to be used with your Wireless Burglar Systems in combination with our sensors and accesories .

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