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“Magnasecurity provide from small applications to integrated access control systems for global enterprises, small business, and everything in between.


DVR, Multiplexers & PC´S


Today, there are more options for storaging your recorded videos, time ago you need to watch many tapes until find the event you were looking for, but today thanks to digital recording, we provide different options which vary each to other on camera inputs, storage size, network capabilities, etc.

Among the fabulous features are the exact searching of the event, you can set the date and time, without mentioning now it is easy to extract an image for evidence, exporting to a JPG file, or BMP, which you can easily handle in any PC, or even printing in any store. Also you have the option to set the movement detection in order to save recording space, do not recording when the camera is not experiencing any change in front of it.

With our range of products, we can offer from small solution to a big one, just let us know how could we help you and what are your neccesities.

A multiplexer is an images manager, which receive the images from the cameras, then he filter the quantities of frames per second will show in the monitor and how many will send to the recorder. We provide options from 10 and 16 channels, being able to increase up to 64.
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